Project Pages for UruAdmin

What is UruAdmin?

UruAdmin is a PHP-based manager program that aims to greatly extend the functionality of the Vault Manager, to the point of eventually replacing it completely. It is already more powerful in some ways, although many other parts are still not even started yet.

When finished, the project will allow full control over players, ages (public, private, and the neighborhoods), authentication, backups, and it will even have a Vault Editor in a similar but more powerful fashion to the Vault Manager.

Another useful feature of UruAdmin is the ability to give players control over their own hood, including setting the SDL settings to their preference and customizing the imagers.

What kind of licensing will it be under?

UruAdmin will be completely GPLed, and I will probably release what I've made so far under the GPL soon

What does it look like?

I have a few screenshots available. Note that this is not final, and any part of these screenshots are likely to change...

  • The Screenshots

  • Where can I get it?

    When I start releasing versions, it will be downloadable from here

    How can I help the development?

    If you let me know of your interest to help, I'll gladly let anyone help who has something to contribute.