I've put up some forums for The Desert Shard now, so they will be replacing this page for news and stuff from now on. I'll keep this page up for now, but eventually, this will just be a portal page for stuff like the UruAdmin project and the forums. You can visit the forums and introduce yourself here. Enjoy!


Look up; you oughtta be able to see what's new today... Tell me what you think about it! ;)


I've finally uploaded a few screenshots of UruAdmin to the UruAdmin Page for people to look at. I'm still working on it steadily, so expect much more to come! I'll probably start releasing source code pretty soon here too.


Ok, I've fixed the server speed issue... Again... No, it's really fixed this time, I promise! It also was most likely the cause of the server downtime yesterday, so all should be normal again. Enjoy!


Hmm, I have no idea why the server was down today, but I apologize for that, and it is back up now. It may just be that it overheated, in which case I will now be leaving the outer box open, at least during the summer. On the other hand, I've also cleaned up an issue that seems to have been making the server run really slowly, so if you were having problems with that, go ahead and try again now.


Well, this obviously still needs work here, but I admit I've been busy with some much more interesting things lately... For now, I have the following stuff here: Also, to log into UruAdmin or HoodAdmin (a part of UruAdmin that is specific to hood owners), go to (Provided I gave you an account, of course).